Partner institutions

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is the Czech Republic’s representative stage. It is one of the symbols of our national identity and forms part of the European cultural arena. It is a bearer of our national cultural heritage and, at the same time, a space for free artistic creation. It is a living artistic entity which understands tradition as the task of constantly seeking new interpretations and as an aspiration to achieve the very highest artistic quality. The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is a proud partner of the National Theatre and its support for this art institution clearly complies with the aims and purpose of the endowment fund. 

The Smetana´s Litomyšl International Opera Festival

Since 2011, the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND has been a co-organizer of the Smetana´s Litomyšl International Opera Festival, which, after Prague Spring, is the oldest musical festival in the Czech Republic. The festival is a unique commemoration of the life and work of Bedřich Smetana, the founder of Czech national music. The centre stage for the festival is the beautiful location of Litomyšl Castle, which was included on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1999 and which, in 2014, re-opened after a lengthy period of renovation. The main content of the performance consists of the staging of operas, gala-concerts and symphonic and chamber music. Support for the tradition, going back more than fifty years, is regarded as essential by the endowment fund.

The Smetana´s Creative Litomyšl Festival

The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is a general partner of this festival, which has a creditable decade-long tradition. The festival complements the programme provided for visitors to the Smetana´s Litomyšl International Opera Festival. The concept of the project is unique, while the number of subjects it covers and the exhibitions organised at the same time and in the same place is, without doubt, unequalled. Originally an accompanying event, it has acquired a growing reputation and has become a culture enterprise enriching the Czech creative and cultural season. The endowment fund organizes a pilot exhibition every year.

Lípa Musica International Music Festival

Originally a local event focussing on spiritual music, the Lípa Musica International Music Festival held in Česká Lípa has become, over the years, an important musical festival. It has been transformed into an event which is not only a musical experience but also a social occasion, whose concerts take place in many places in the Českolipsko and Liberec regions. The festival fosters neighbourly dialogue between the regions of Northern Bohemia and Saxony, which are linked not only by rich historical ties but also by many current-day and future commitments. The Lípa Musica International Music Festival aspires to be a symbol of the present and perhaps, in the future, to be much more than a musical encounter. This cultural dialogue is also supported by the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND.