1914, the presentation of a project

Prague 2/10/2013

The National Theatre, together with the endowment fund, presented 1914, the international co-production project of American director Robert Wilson. A compelling staging concerning Europe and its optimists and pessimists (under the supervision of material time) is a unique project which includes an encounter between the most prominent figures in Czech dramatic theatre and names determining the direction of world theatre. Even during its preparation the project aroused the interest of foreign festivals and productions. The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND became a partner of the staging and took part in its financial and ideological inception. At the same time it tasked itself with the PR and the promotion of the performance in Bohemia and abroad in order to make the world premiere the cultural and social event of the season. The staging was realised in a co-production between the National Theatre, the Slovak National Theatre and the Vígsínház Theatre in Budapest.