1914 Soirée Gala

Prague 30/4/2014

On the occasion of the world premiere of Robert Wilson´s 1914, the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND organised, with the support of its partners, the 1914 Soirée Gala at the Česká Spořítelna Palace in Rytířská Street. This representative neo-renaissance building with a beautiful interior welcomed more than 300 guests, who were witnesses to the presentation of awards to Soňa Červená and Robert Wilson. The guests at this social event included patrons of the endowment fund, diplomats and personalities from the cultural, business and political fields from Bohemia and abroad. Guests were welcomed by a speech given by none other than Robert Wilson himself, who was also awarded the Artis Bohemiae Amicis (Friends of Czech Art) medal by Daniel Herman, Minister of Culture. Our endowment fund awarded a BHF garnet star to Ms Soňa Červená for her contribution to our national cultural wealth. The ceremony was accompanied by Viennese waltzes performed by the 1914 Orchestra and period delicacies and modern gastronomic delights were served.