1914 world premiere

Prague 30/4/2014

The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is a partner of the unique project by Robert Wilson titled 1914. The Good Soldier Švejk, a key novel in Czech literature, meets The Last Moments of Humanity, the anti-war opus by Karel Kraus, in a creative manner. At the hands of Robert Wilson, a magician of modern theatre, all this changes into a current-day cabaret full of scenic images, music and surprising humour in a parable not only of the year 1914 but also our life today, one hundred years after the beginning of the appalling war with which the 20th century began. compelling staging concerning Europe and its optimists and pessimists (under the supervision of material time) is a unique project which includes, for the second time, an encounter between the most prominent figures in Czech dramatic theatre and names determining the direction of world theatre. The title role of the time was played by opera singer and actress Soňa Červená who, after the performance, was awarded the Garnet Star by the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND. The staging was realised in a co-production between the National Theatre, the Slovak National Theatre and the Vígsínház Theatre in Budapest.