An appreciation of the patrons of the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND

Prague 2/4/2014

On 2/4/2014 the patrons of our endowment fund were honoured with a diploma, presented by Mr Daniel Herman, Minister of Culture, at the Nostic Palace, the home of the Ministry itself. The ceremonial award of the diploma was presented by speeches by the minister and Pavel Smutný, the President of the endowment fund. The ceremonial atmosphere of the occasion was enhanced by a performance by the Kapralova Quartet, which played the first and fourth parts of Dvořák's string quartet in F Major, “American”. In his speech, Herman underlined that it was in the Nostic Palace where the idea was conceived for the foundation of a society of patriotic friends of art in Bohemia, which was set up in 1786. At the end of his speech he declared: “Patronage is a display of inner conviction and you and your work are proof of that”. The president of the fund, apart from offering his words of thanks to the patrons, also expressed a wish to enter into dialogue and common speech with large institutional sponsors, in order to fulfil the main purpose of the fund - support for excellence. The evening ended with a social gathering in the ceremonial rooms of the Nostic Palace and a visit to the palace's unique library.