The Award of Arnošt Lustig 2014

Prague 14/5/2015

Each year BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is a partner of the prestigious Arnošt Lustig Award and this year was no exception. Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce awards annual honor to a laureate, who displays throughout his life the values of Bravery, Valor, Humanity and Righteousness. Petr Sýkora, a businessman, visionary and philanthropist, co-founder of DOBRÝ ANDĚL endowment fund and PAPIRIUS company became the laureate of the year 2014. After having received the award he said in his speech: “The foundation of my philosophy is the idea that should somebody want to change the world around him he ought to start with no one else but himself.”

In the year 2013 laureate became Bedřích Utitz. In the year 2012 the award was given to Kamila Moučková and finally in the year 2011 the honour was given to Václav Malý.