Ceremonial Signing of the Contract

Ceremonial signing of the contract between the contracting parties Cardinal Dominik Duka OP and Gerhard Grenzing‘s organ construction company officially started out the works needed for the construction of the new organ of St. Vitus Cathedral. There is but a one last thing that separates the completion of the iconic cathedral according to the initial plans of builders and that is the envisioned organ on the western loft. For nearly 90 years the cathedral has made use of a temporary instrument. New organ requires an investment of 80 million Czech crowns. A portion of the funds needed are to be collected in a nationwide collection organised by Endowment Fund of the St. Vitus Cathedral Organ. The instrument will be heard for the first time in October 2019. A brand new symphonic instrument with 97 registers and 5000 pipes will be created. By its size it will reflect the majestic space of the cathedral. Such an instrument would allow for performances of not only classical music but also contemporary organ compositions. The new organ will replace the present provisional organ located in a very constricted space on the lower level of the so-called Wohlmut choir loft in the north transept of the cathedral, dating from 1929, which was even by then thought of as a provisional one. The construction of appropriate instrument for the cathedral was consistently postponed in the past decades due to lack of finances or lack of will. That is why the western loft of the cathedral under the rosette remained empty till today.“It is up to us to in a time of peace and freedom to fulfil the legacy of our predecessors, in particular, that of the father of the nation, Charles IV and to ‘complete’ the cathedral.” explains Dominik Duka OP, Cardinal Archbishop of Prague. Blessing of the new instrument is planned for the October 2019. Endowment fund BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is a member of the Endowment Fund of the St. Vitus Cathedral Organ. The fund supports the idea of a new organ for the Cathedral.Technical details of the new organ and references regarding the Gerhard Grenzing’s organ construction company can be found below.


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