Collegium 1704 at Versailles

BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND is major partner of the Czech-French baroque music cooperation

The last weekend in September, the Versailles chateau has witnessed ovation for the Collegium 1704 rendition of Missa Salisburgensis, written in 17th century by the Czech-Austrian music composer Heinrich Biber.

This occasion was a premiere of the breathtaking piece on the French soil, however hard it may be to believe. The event was notable also for another reason: thanks to the support of BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND, it is the first step of a long-term cooperation in the field of baroque music between Prague and Versailles. Laurent Brunner, the director of the organizing institution Château de Versailles Spectacle, points to the fact that the European musical scene was highly interconnected in the baroque times, communication between Prague and Paris included. “For instance Jan Ladislav Dusik, born in the small Czech town of Caslav, was an eye witness of the French revolution, and captured it in his piece The Death of Marie Antoinette,” says Brunner, pointing to the interconnection of the two musical traditions.

Congratulations to Collegium 1704 on this amazing success and let us hope that we will soon witness more wonderful projects connecting Czech and French metropolis via music.

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