Concentus Moraviae

Festival Concentus Moraviae is held from 30th May to 25th June.

Concentus Moraviae can celebrate by blowing out 20 candles in 2015. The festival will visit multiple towns during its tour throughout the region, one by one filling the air with an extraordinary atmosphere that will eventually embrace the whole region. Honoring the long tradition and celebrating the beauty of the land and local history. The festival makes its way into many châteaux and churches. The celebration, besides a feast, will be solemn. Some of the musical legends of the past festival will join to reminisce and look forward to the new horizons in 2015: Magdalena Kožená, Marco Beasley and Accordone, Jos Van Immerseel, BL!NDMAN and many others. In addition the festival will also introduce remarkable musicians and ensembles that will make their appearance in the Czech Republic for the first time.

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