The Grand Jubilee of Soňa Červená

On Wednesday 9th of September 2015 Soňa Červená – legendary performer, opera singer, actress, translator and writer – celebrated her grand jubilee together with her close friends and pinnacle figures of Czech culture on the grounds of the National Theatre. 

The award of "Lady of Czech Culture" was given to Soňa Červená on this extraordinary day."The award is an expression of a tribute to a person, who displays the values of bravery, solidarity and extraordinary resolve," explained Minister Herman. "Mrs. Soňa Červená is without a doubt the embodiment of these values and we all owe her a great deal of gratitute for her excelent artistic work in all fields of culture and the cultivation of our society."

On the occasion, Radioservis together with BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND revealed brand new remaster, specifically 2 CDs containing historic recording from the year 1954 of W.A. Mozart’s opera, The Marriage of Figaro, where Soňa Červená takes on the role of Cherubino, the Count's page. An obligatory cornerstone of world’s operatic repertoire again stands up as Rudolf Vonáska provides the translation for the one and the only Czech sung recording captured in a studio in the times when the intelligibility and clarity of sung words was as a matter of course. 

Even though she has stood on multiple worlds’ stages of all 5 continents more than 5 thousand times, she lives on her dream without even a slight indication of tiredness. “Ever-ready, a paragon of responsibility and resolve Mrs. Soňa Červená throughout her life and action exhibits our belief that talent and diligence are what pushes an individual toward the heights one pleases. The debut of this album is our tribute to her,” comments Pavel Smutný, the president of BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND.

 In addition as a follow-up to the celebrations, there will be a symbolic performance of 1914 on the stage of the Estates Theatre on 18th of September, at 7pm. All letters and congratulation wishes from the audience as well as fan base and adorers will be given to Soňa Červená at the end of the performace.

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  /  Lorenzo da Ponte

opera buffa (comic opera) in four acts
Czech translation provided by Rudolf Vonásek

 Figaro – Jaroslav Horáček
Susanna – Maria Tauberová
Count – Zdeněk Otava
Countess – Jaroslava Vymazalová
Cherubino – Soňa Červená
Barbarina – Sylvia Kodetová
Bartolo – Jaroslav Veverka
Marcellina – Milada Čadikovičová
Basilio – Antonín Votava
Antonio – Karel Berman
Don Curzio – Jaroslav Rohan
Bridesmaids– Zdena Dvořáková a Věra Vojtíšková
Harpsichord Přemysl Charvát
Chorus and orchestra of Smetana’s theater, conductor Robert Brock
Československý rozhlas 1954

 Český rozhlas / Radioservis, a. s. / BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND
Digital remastering and production Miroslav Mareš
Design Alena Nievaldová
Editor Jan Králík


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