One world is not enough, exhibition (Jeden svět nestačí)

The exhibition runs from 12th June to 6th July.

Smetanova Litomyšl, o.p.s. in cooperation with the endowment fund BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND organizes a next exhibition in the former chateau brewery. On the occasion of musical opera festival, there will be presented a selection of 50 top class paintings, showing stories of artistic gems of the culture in 19th century in Austria-Hungary.

Visitors can see an excellent art from the 19th century, such as Ludvík Kohl, Anonín Machka, František Tkadlík, Thomas Ender, Rudolf von Alta, Alexandr Clarota, Josef Navrátil, Karel Purkyně, Josef Mánes and also from the age of Art Nivea and the symbolism, such as Vojtěch Preissig, Luďek Marold, Jana Štursa or Franz Metzner.

A private collection presents this topic with a bit of an individual taste but at the same time with dignified humility to amazing possibilities, which this topic offers. It has its limits, however that is exactly why it allows the visitors to take a moment and reflect and question the quote “as our world continues to be pushed to its limits, and continues to be faster than ever, perhaps, don’t we find ourselves subconsciously resorting to the realm of silence, concentration and beauty hidden in the art, where the time is absent and solves all disputes.  The exhibition is by its dramaturgical execution a walk through the labyrinth of one big world. It is a mirror of the age and emotions implemented to the pattern of romantic and historical imaginations and costumes, which reflect immortal story of human dreams and human imagination, says Patrik Šimon.

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