Lednice - Valtice - Wien

The journey, carefully prepared by BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND explicitly for its patrons, started with a gathering in a Municipal House café. The three day voyage was at its core based on three imaginary pillars, each of them representing a significant venue of art and culture.

On first day of the journey our patrons had the opportunity to see an extraordinary private gallery dedicated to the history of the House of Liechtenstein in Lednice. Later that day the patrons also experienced the exquisite performance of Concentus Moraviae in Pálava, marking the end of their long and successful festival.

The second day patrons visited one of the by far biggest and the most important private collections of art in the whole world – Gartenpalais. House of Lichtenstein was gathering this rather unique collection for over four centuries of its famous history. In the afternoon the program followed with a visit to Stadtpalais, a true embodiment of baroque charm and elegance. We ought to mention the visit of famous Wiener Staatsoper as well.

On the final day our patrons concluded their refreshing journey with a private tour of chateau and museum Belvedere and attended festival degustation of a Concentus Moraviae wine cellar in Pálava.