Light up the Lights! Světlo! An exhibition

Prague 13/11/2010 - 6/2/2011

The exhibition Light up the Lights! Světlo! at Museum Kampa, initiated and financed by the BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND endowment fund, was dedicated to the work of two gifted theatre artists, the scenographer Josef Svoboda and the director Robert Wilson. Its conception brought together and compared the works of these two exceptional artists, celebrated for their visually outstanding, almost magical, scenic presentations with light. Apart from the models, which drew visitors towards the perfect theatrical illusion of lights and shadows, the exhibition also displayed drawings and sketches by both authors, a colourful large-scale screening and two smaller audiovisual projections. The exhibition also included for the first time the chairs which are, together with lights, a favourite element in Wilson´s renowned scenography. In the case of Josef Svoboda, the exhibition put his surreal stage designs for the Laterna Magika Theatre on show and reminded us that this year he would have celebrated his ninetieth birthday.