The Makropulos Case

Prague 18/11/2010

The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND took part in the opening performance of Karel Čapek´s The Makropulos Case at the National Theatre, under the direction of American Robert Wilson. The staging of Čapek´s comedy was a prominent event in the theatrical life of the season in the country and, at the same time, an exceptional occasion in the history of the National Theatre. Robert Wilson, a true figure in world theatre, worked from his own perspective on the content of purely Czech surreal and philosophical comedy and instilled it with his unmistakeable directorial and artistic view, placing it in an international context. Robert Wilson is regarded as a world-famous theatrical creator who has worked on the dramatic text of the Czech author and directed it on his home stage too. As a result of its financial support, the endowment fund enabled the creation of a special luminous curtain and organized a ceremonial gala dinner at the Buquoy Palace on the occasion of the premiere.