Lípa Musica International Musical Festival

Česká Lípa Region 20/9/2013 - 26/10/2013

The BOHEMIAN HERITAGE FUND gave its support as a partner to the Česká Lípa Festival, which, upon the basis of the fund's recommendations, extended its activities into the German border region, where the cooperation has enjoyed great success, contributing to good relations. The Lípa Musica International Music Festival, originally a local festival focussing on sacred music, has become an important musical and social event over the years. During the eleven years that the Lípa Musica Festival has taken place there have been more than one hundred and twenty concerts in this Northern Bohemian region, with performances by prominent names and ensembles from the Czech music scene. In 2013 the festival was able to fill ten northern Bohemian and three German villages and towns with 21 magnificent concerts.