The Czech Republic has a great historical-theatrical tradition of connecting film and theater. For example a performance Spring Awakening (1936) or Eugene Onegin (1934) is a demonstration of what a combination of theater and film can produce in hands of well-known Czech director E.F. Burian. There is a Czech theatrical context THEATERGRAPH and LATERNA MAGIKA as well.  It is worth mentioning the name of Alfréd Radok, who felt the relationship between the theater and film as a coexistence of two simultaneous languages, which are well capable and efficiently exist in one stage unit. Additionally we ought to mention a performance Noční zkouška (Night Exam, 1981), written by Antonín Máša and directed by famous theatrical and film director E. Schorm. This play was making use of real-time image, which was a part of the stage space.

Project INNOCENCE honors this historically deep tradition of connecting film and theatrical language, but pretends to be a brand new genre altogether, which one could call LIVE CINEMA. It is actually a theatrical film, or a film-theater one of the unique variations of the worldwide known progressive genre LIVE CINEMA.

The stage is dynamically filmed with three cameras following the actors wherever they are.  Cameras are sending their footage right to the editing room. The editing room composes all footage and sends it live on the screen. It is up to spectator to choose whether he wants to watch the screen or the actors on the stage.  Project connects film and theatrical languages into one unit – movie theater or theatrical movie. Everything is happening in real-time right in front of audience.

Author: Dea Loher
Translation: Veronika Musilová Kyrianová
Director: Petra Tejnorová
Dramaturgy and assistant of the director: Kateřina Jandáčková
Expedition: Antonín Šilar
Music: Jiří Konvalinka
Editting: Zuzana Walter
Camera: Šimon Dvořáček

Starring: Milan Hajn, Petr Vančura, Anděla Blažková, Vanda Hybnerová, Majo Chalány/Šimon Krupa, Marie Švestková, Michaela Bendová, Beatrice Cordua, Ondřej Rychlý/Michal Bednář, Zuzana Drápalová, Jiří Šimek, Pavel Kozohorský, Daniel Tůma, Sára Arnsteinová.


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