Paris, Paris…! A private showing

Litomyšl 13/6/2014

This year, the endowment fund, as a general partner of Smetana´s creative Litomyšl, prepared a unique exhibition titled Paris, Paris…! For six weeks the exhibition presented the unique works of Czech inter-war avant-garde artists linked to Paris and recalled the exceptional friendship and close relationship between the art of Paris and the art of Prague at that time. Very rarely exhibited works by František Kupka, Jindřich Štýrský, Toyen, Josef Šíma, Jan Zrzavý, Zdeněk Sklenář, Karel Černý, František Foltýn, Georg Kars, Josef Multrus, Bedřich Feigl and František Matoušek filled the premises of the former castle brewery, reconstructed according to the plans of the architect Josef Pleskot. A representative catalogue was released as part of the exhibition. Due to the prestige and artistic quality of the exhibited works and its authors it was a project with extraordinary significance for the region.