Smetana´s Creative Litomyšl Festival

Litomyšl 13/6/2014

The Smetana´s Creative Litomyšl Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Our endowment fund, as a co-organizer of the festival, watches over the development of the festival with great expectation and participates in its orientation. During the ten years' existence of this exhibition of creative art, it has managed to establish its status as an independent pillar of the Litomyšl festival. Its success lies in the quality and prestige of the exhibited art works and their authors and also in the genius loci of Litomyšl, a city of visual art and quality architecture. During the festival in the town it is possible to perceive, at almost every single step, what multi-layered art can be like and how complex the ways of creating it are. This year, thanks to the completion of the revitalization work on the castle hill, this impression was further amplified by the new exhibition areas. This year the festival introduced more than two decades of exhibition projects, including the exhibition titled Paris, Paris…!, which presented the unique works of Czech inter-war avant-garde artists linked to the French metropolis.