Smetana's Creative Litomyšl: Václav Cigler – Jsme 100

The art intervention in public space in Litomyšl called JSME 100 is designed for specific places in Litomyšl and it is idealogically connected to the celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Republic. We understand the name as a metaphor for the word “nation” (JSME 100 means “we’re able” and “we’re one hundred” in Czech). Symbolically, the art intervention refers to deeper links between the perception of the national identity and relations between the individual, his role and the society. It is an honour to all the cultural events that are regularly taking place in this town. It provides the space with special ambience for mutual meeting of people and it sends out signals for their understanding. It celebratorily declares: We’re proud of our nation and we’re a part of a bigger whole. The installations by Václav Cigler and Michal Motyčka hold out objects’ mirror surfaces, delimit places with light and metallic lines and with elementary geometrical shapes, they complement water surfaces. The installations always bear the spectator in mind, for whom they prepare various space and light situations which make the common life special. Water, similarly to light or the tricolour, is for the authors a bearer of symbolic meanings and a means of expression at the same time. 


JSME 100

Art intervention in public space of the town of Litomyšl

Monastery gardens, Na Máchadle, entrance to the castle

June – November 2018

curator: Jana Šindelová

The exhibition is jointly organised by the Gallery of Miroslav Kubík, the Town of Litomyšl and the Bohemian Heritage Fund.